Are you planning on flying abroad? Then you will likely need a covid test certificate, depending on the country you are traveling to and its entry requirements. You can reliably obtain this at our Covid test center directly in Terminal 1 at Nuremberg Airport. Our covid test services range from rapid antigen tests to rapid antibody tests and PCR tests. In order to enable a flawless entry into your country of destination, our covid test certificates are available in various languages.

Waiting times for the digital result of a Corona Test vary depending on the type of test you book: The results for Rapid Antigen Test and Rapid Antibody Test will be delivered in 15 minutes. PCR tests will be delivered within the chosen timeframe.   

You can conveniently book your covid test online on our platform and reserve your appointment. The Covid Test Center Nuremberg Airport is conveniently located in the departure hall of Terminal 1.

It is fast, reliable and affordable.

Facts about the test

  • Rapid antigen test: digital test result within 15 to 20 minutes
  • PCR test: digital test result within the selected timeframe (see details)
  • Rapid antibody test: digital test result within 15 to 20 minutes
  • Carried out professionally by trained personnel
  • Hassle-free online registration and payment
  • Convenient appointment system for your test
  • Rapid results from certified laboratories
  • EcoCare-Smartphone-App for Apple iOS and Android

Symptoms? Please contact your physician or the local health authority immediately!
Our test centre cannot perform coronavirus tests if you are exhibiting or feeling symptoms.

COVID-19 testing service

EcoCare's Corona testing service at Nürnberg Airport

Antigen Test
Antigen Test
VOC Reiserückkehrer (With voucher only)
VOC Reiserückkehrer (With voucher only)
RT PCR Test 24 h
RT PCR Test 24 h
RT PCR Test 12h
RT PCR Test 12h
RT PCR Test 6h
RT PCR Test 6h
RT PCR Test 60-90min
RT PCR Test 60-90min
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan
RT-PCR Test 30min
RT-PCR Test 30min
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan - 12H
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan - 12H
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan - 6H
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan - 6H
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan - 1/1.5H
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan - 1/1.5H
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan - 30min
Travel Covid-19 Certificate for Japan - 30min

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers on various topics relating to the COVID-19 test.

1. COVID-19 Test Definitions

1.1 What is an RT-PCR test?

RT-PCR stands for ‘reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction’. This test is considered the gold standard among available tests because false-positive results are extremely rare. False-positive means that the test detects you as infected when in fact you are not. The test swab is done by an oral pharyngeal or, even better, a nasopharyngeal swab.

1.2 What is a rapid antigen test?

The rapid antigen test is a so-called point-of-care test, which means that the sample taken is not sent to the laboratory, but is analysed directly on site with a special test kit and the result is available within 15-20 minutes. The test swab is taken through the nasal cavity here. Compared to the RT-PCR test, false-positive results can occur more frequently. In Germany, a PCR test must be carried out after a positive rapid antigen test.

2. General questions about EcoCare test centre location

2.1 Where are the EcoCare test centres located?


The municipal test center can be reached conveniently by public transportation - by subway (U2, airport stop) or bus (bus lines 30 and 33). It is also possible to arrive by self-organized omnibus (e.g. school classes). The bus can stop in the entrance to the parking garage P3. Parking with a car is free of charge for the parking duration up to 15 minutes in the short-term parking areas P3 and P5. Additional paid parking spaces for cars are also available.

For more information on how to get there, visit

2.2 What are the opening hours?

05:00 am - 00:00 pm

2.3 How much do the tests offered cost?

The COVID-19 test is free of charge.

2.4 At what age can I be tested?

We only take smear tests in children from the age of 3 years in our centres. However, if the child resists the smear test, no attempt will be made or the test will be stopped immediately. We would like to increase the safety of your children and ask for your understanding for this regulation. In case of doubt, please contact your local paediatrician's office.

2.5 Is a visit to the test centre possible for disabled persons?

A visit is possible without any problems. Our staff and security personnel are instructed that disabled persons must be given priority. Barrier-free access is possible.

2.6 How can I contact the EcoCare support team?


Phone: +49 211 387 895 73

3. Questions about COVID-19 test registration and login

3.1 Where can I register?

You can register on the following page.

3.2 Why do I need to register?

When you register, you will receive a QR code, which you need for your desired test. During the registration process, you will need to book an appointment, which will allow for the flawless execution of your test. Without registration and an appointment, you will not be able to have your test.

3.3 How does the registration process work?

After opening the registration link, you will have to enter all the requested data for the individual registration steps.

After registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your email inbox. The link contained therein must be confirmed in order to complete the registration.

If the email does not appear in your general mailbox, please check your spam folder.

3.4 Do I have to register my partner and children for the test?

Registration is required for each person.

Important: You can be tested from the age of 3 years.

4. Questions about the user account

4.1 Where can I find my QR code?

The QR code is located in your user account on the right side of the home page.

4.2 Can I create multiple accounts with the same email?

No, an email can only be used once.

4.3 Can I register other people for a test using my user account?

No, each person who wants to be tested must create a separate user account. It is not possible to book tests for additional persons via one person’s user account.

4.4 How can I delete my account?

To do so, go to the right menu bar, click on your name, then at the very bottom click on ‘Close Account’. Be careful; your account will be irrevocably deleted.

4.5 Where can I change my personal data?

Your personal data can be changed in your account. Please note, however, that personal data can only be corrected before visiting the test centre. A subsequent change will not result in any change on the document.

4.6 How can I cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment yourself. Please click on the test in the customer account, then a window will open and please select the option "Cancel order". The test will be deleted from the customer account.

4.7 Can I order several tests at the same time through my account?

Only one product can be purchased at a time. Only when the test result is in can another product be purchased.

5. What is important for the on-site test

5.1 What do I need to bring to the test?

For the verification of personal data, it is necessary to bring a photo ID and the personal QR code via the app or as a printout as well as proof of residence in Bavaria. Please also note that when entering the location it is mandatory to wear a mouth–nose covering.

5.2 What do I need to consider before the test?

To avoid an invalid test result, we ask you to refrain from eating, drinking, smoking or brushing your teeth 15 minutes before the test.

6. Questions about the test result

6.1 I have been tested. How and when will I receive my test result?

The results of the standard test are normally available within 24–48 hours after sample collection (in >99% of all cases). Rapid antigen test results are available within 15–20 minutes.

Once your test result is available, you will be notified by email. The test result will be provided to you digitally and can be viewed and downloaded online, in your personal space on the EcoCare Portal or on the EcoCare App.

Please note that the specified deadlines for notification of the test results are empirical values that serve as an orientation. We may not be able to meet the stated timeframes, especially in the event of capacity bottlenecks due to the dynamic development around the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the event of a positive test result, the respective health authorities must be informed according to legislation.

6.2 In which language is the COVID-19 test certificate issued?

The test certificate is a PDF document and is issued in German.

6.3 Can I receive my test result as a printout?

At the moment we only provide the results electronically in PDF format.

6.4 What do I do if my test result says ‘void’?

You will receive a voucher for another test. The voucher code can be used by redeeming it during the ordering process.

The word void in this context stands for an invalid test that must be repeated again.

Opening hours

EcoCare Direct Nürnberg
Abflughalle Terminal 1 (ABH1)
90411 Nürnberg

Sunday 00:00 - 24:00
Monday 00:00 - 24:00
Tuesday 00:00 - 24:00
Wednesday 00:00 - 24:00
Thursday 00:00 - 24:00
Friday 00:00 - 24:00
Saturday 00:00 - 24:00

The EcoCare test center is located in terminal 1 (ABH1) of the Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information:

Tel: +49 211 387 895 73 (Our Helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week)

Corona-Warning-App integration

Users can voluntarily save the results of their rapid tests in the Corona-Warn-App and add them to the contact diary. Anyone who tests positive for Corona in a rapid test can also warn contacts directly via the app. A negative result is displayed in the Corona-Warn-App for 48 hours. The Corona-Warn-App is an app that helps trace infection chains of COVID-19 in Germany.

Download the app for Apple iOS and Android in the respective app store.